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Welcome to the guide in English of Traffic Network Ads, a new amazing business!


Traffic Network Ads, called shortly TNA, is an amazing business. At the moment, the presentation video is available only in English and German, but soon other languages will be available. This page will try to be more detailed as possibile to give all the information necessary about TNA and how it works. Most of the informations present here I have got from a person which is in contact directly with the teams of TNA.

First I suggest you to watch the video presentation of TNA and then subscribe and buy your first traffic packs. Start to earn immediately with Traffic Network Ads, the new business on web advertising!


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  • TNA is a decentralized online company

  • They work in teams and have locations all over the world

  • Founder is Leon Shug

  • The company does not want the cult of a person and therefore does not place nobody forward. In this way things work easier!




  • Marketing Team (take care of the expansion of TNA in different countries, found a new available languages to improve, etc.)

  • Technical Team (control the Sever, the programming, etc.) >>> naturally take care that everything works

  • Support Team (handle the questions from the clients/affiliates, and handle the possible issues and try to find out solutions, etc.) >>> at moment are employed 12 people

  • Media Team (find the best offers, the best products and negotiate the best conditions with the owners of the products) >>> at the moment are employed 6 people




The web market is really huge. Only on September 2016 it payed 2.800.000.000 € of online advertisements. That is really a lot of money! This is the reason why a business like TNA be born.




  • CASHBACK program (Bonus) after the activation of the Traffic packs (TPs)

  • Possibility to have till 2000 Traffic Packs

  • Affiliate program with 6 levels

  • Traffic-Clicks and Bannerviews

Now some useful informations to earn money with Traffic Network Ads:




Traffic packs are advertising packages and you can buy them for 50 € each one and you can choose if you want to buy 1, 5, 10, 100 etc.




Each pack (50 €) that you have purchased, it will generates from 0.3 € to 0.6 € every day for 2 years. Half of the earnings of your traffic packs have to be used for purchasing other traffic packs (this is for the sustainability of the business), instead the other half you can withdraw and transfer on your bank account… or you can use it to buy other packs for increasing your daily earnings… but this is your choice!




For the moment the only available method is the wire transfer from your bank. When you perform the wire transfer is important to put all the data of recipient (IBAN, SWIFT/BIC code, etc.) but also very important is the REFERENCE, that will be the invoice number that you receive and you have to copy and paste on the reference of the wire transfer, otherwise they don’t know who purchased the packs.

Here you can see all the steps to purchase the traffic packs:


1. Click on Buy new TrafficPack, select the number of TP and click Buy TrafficPack


2. Select your payment method between Sofort ÜberweisungPayeerWire transfer, bitcoin or Credits (if you enough credits obtained from CASHBACK programm) and click Pay


3. For Wire transfer read carefully the instruction (here we have an example):



IMPORTANT:  don't forget the REFERENCE, where you have to put the invoice numeber that they will give you.





As you can see, who is interested to do networking and find affiliates by advertising your ref link (anyway NOT MANDATORY), you will be pay till the sixth level.

Traffic Network Ads will give you a percentage (commission) on six different level for the people that join your team (affiliates) and will purchase the Traffic Pack (TP):

  • Livello 1: 10% = 5 € each TP purchased

  • Livello 2: 5% = 2,50 € each TP purchased

  • Livello 3: 3% = 1,50 € each TP purchased (you need to have at least 100 TP)

  • Livello 4: 3% = 1,50 € per TP purchased (you need to have at least 500 TP)

  • Livello 5: 3% = 1,50 € per TP (you need to have at least 1000 TP)

  • Livello 6: 3% = 1,50 € per TP (you need to have at least 2000 TP)


The affiliate's commissions are always available for the withdraw, or you can use these "credits" to buy other TP... but this is up to you!




Use the links marked with red lines (English and German), which are included the presentation video with your ref link, to advertise your link in different Facebook groups or other social network in order to find new affiliates for your team.




You can withdraw you earnings via wire transfer on your bank account or via payeer. First you have to click on My Finances. Then, you have to click Edit your data to insert your bank account data or Payeer data, where do you want to receive your payments.




What I am writing here is my opinion about Traffic Network Ads. This network absolutely will bring a lot of satisfactions and will be another new amazing business online, that will allow you to earn money online and just by comfortably sitting on your chair at home. Enroll other people on your team is not mandatory and everybody can earn, even only by purchasing the traffic packs without to propose the business to other people. Of course you start to propose it also to the people that you know (friends, colleagues, etc.) then the earnings will increase… indeed the motto could be: alone I am fine, but together we are stronger!

I want to warning you that certainly soon or later you will find on the web some articles of certain blog, which reviewing Traffic Network Ads as a scam or fraud without have any idea what the business is about and without any evidence. Then pay attention, many blogs talking about scam and fraud for any business on the web with the only purpose to be the first on the google page, because the first thing that everybody try to search on google is the name of the business associated to the word scam or fraud.

Then, you have to be ready because soon or later someone will write these predictable articles indicating Traffic Network Ads as a scam without having any evidence about that.

Traffic Network Ads is a serious business, and of course as for other business is not 100% safe! What is 100% safe? Nothing!!! We have direct contacts with who have started this new amazing business and you have the duty to recommend it.

Since the business is new, for who want to find affiliates they will have really a lot of possibilities to create a large network of affiliates.

Instead, who are not interested in the networking they will have anyway the possibility to have good earnings generated from the traffic packs purchased.


Traffic Network Ads thanks you for your attention and we are sure that you will like the business and you will be satisfied!




If don’t have already join us… well… just do it now!


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