Uvulitis or uvula inflamed: 

causes and remedies

L’uvulitis (swollen uvula) occurs mainly at night with uvula swollen and elongated up to five times its normal size.

Here then is that when it presents the uvulitis you wake up with a sense of suffocation due uvula that invades the respiratory tract, as well as a feeling of having a foreign body that touches the tongue.

Inflamed uvula: Causes

The uvulitis may occur in case of infection to the upper respiratory tract and the soft palate or merely an irritation, dehydration or trauma.

Infections can be caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi, while the irritation can result from cigarette smoking, following the use of medicines before going to sleep (for example a spray for sore throat), or because of gastroesophageal reflux.

During sleep, in case of breathing with the mouth open, the uvula dehydration can occur.

The traumas are rare and can be caused for example by endoscopy.

Inflamed uvula: remedies and care

The acute inflammation of the uvula usually resolves spontaneously in two or three days even if you can take immediate action on the underlying cause.

If the cause is dehydration or irritation is sufficient drinking water, slowly, so as to promote rehydration and reduce the length of the uvula, or it can be helpful to take anti-inflammatory gargling to encourage disinfiammante action. An effective remedy can also be the practice of gargles with water and salt; salt has, in fact, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

If you think that the uvula inflammation is bacterial, your doctor may indicate an antibiotic therapy.